76 y.o. “Babushka of Baikal” life Alone In Siberia And Skates Across Baikal Every Day For A Heartwarming Reason

76 yrs old grandmother Lyubov Morekhodova from Siberia isn’t a typical pensioner. Despite her old-age, she managed to not merely survive frosty climate but in addition attained attention for her skating abilities.

Lyubov learned to skate at age seven and today she spends the woman pension days gliding across one of the deepest lakes worldwide – Baikal.

Retired technology professional lives in a small house and manages her beloved pets comprising dogs, a pet, hens, roosters, calves, bulls, and cattle. She wakes up at 5.30 am to give the cows and allow them to off to graze on a hill. Every day, to reduce the distance, she puts on her skates manufactured in 1943 and glides throughout the pond to ensure that the cattle wouldn’t get lost.

Since her husband passed away last year Lyubov resides alone, but this woman is maybe not lonely. During the summer the woman grandchildren and nephews arrive at visit. Despite the fact that the woman family members encouraged this fearless old lady to go to the town, she insisted on keeping because she promises to be delighted and satisfied living in the midst of Siberia

Meet Lyubov Morekhodova a grandma spends her your retirement days gliding across ponds Baikal

Lyubov can be used to skating long distances every single day

the woman parent made the skates by cutting a metal saw and inserting it into pieces of lumber which I then associated with Valenki (standard felt shoes)

After her husband passed away Lyubov is living alone, although she doesn’t feel lonely in a company of the woman beloved animals

The drinking water comes from Baikal. Day-after-day she holds buckets packed with water

Lyubov admits that Baikal offers her pleasure and an excellent mood

Lyubov possesses a talent in embroidery along with other crafts. A number of her works had been even awarded in regional tournaments

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